mGenomeSubtractor 1.5

Updated on 13-04-2013

a mpiBLAST-based in silico ‘subtractive hybridization’ tool of closely related bacterial genomes

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(i) Tool to measure the sequence similarity
    Select a BLAST program  
(ii) Approach used to fragment the reference or query genome sequence
Use individual protein coding sequences
or Fragment genome using a sliding window technique
(100 ~ 10,000bp)
        fragment overlap size (bp): [0bp <= overlap <= (window size)/2]
(iii) Reference or Query genome
Select a completely sequenced bacterial genome from NCBI genome database
        Example: select Acinetobacter baumannii AYE [NC_010410] as reference
How to prepare your complete or nearly complete sequence of a given bacterial genome as reference?

or Upload a single genome sequence and its CDS annotation file
(iv) Subject genome set
(1) No. of genomes from NCBI being compared with the reference genome? Example: select '2'
or (2) Enter the NCBI Refseq Genome accession no. separated by "return" (UPPER/lower case sensitive). [Format?] [Example]
or (3) No. of genomes manually uploaded being compared with the reference genome?
How to prepare the user's genome data?
Run with Default options
(v) BLAST parameters (Optional)
Word size:
Penalty for MISMATCH:
Reward for MATCH:
Uploaded contigs:
length >:
(vi) Results retrieval options (Optional)  
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